Our Story

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” - Xun Kuang, Philosopher | 321-230 BC

At Xyvid, we believe that communication is the basis of all human progress. It's how we do everything from solving our toughest problems to creating our most wondrous advances. Great people and great companies collaborate to do great things, and then they tell the world about it.  

Since our founding in 2011, we've felt that virtual events are not just web broadcasts, but presentations meant to spread important ideas - and that beautiful, well-executed presentations actually help make our world a better place.  

With our deep roots in the live event industry, we've built a web broadcasting platform and a company on the premise that virtual events need to be better. They need to give viewers a reason to tune in and stay tuned in, and they need to bring the brands of those presenting to life.  

For a detailed look at our history and how our roots helped us achieve this, see our history.

After our founder, Dave Kovalcik, attended a historic live event in 1984, Apple's introduction of the Macintosh computer, he realized something later expressed well by author Nancy Duarte - "a great presentation gives smart ideas an advantage".  

Armed with that special awareness, Xyvid studied before building its software. What makes a great presentation? What does that look like?  

While so many in the virtual event space seemed content just streaming video to the web, Xyvid was studying the broader aspects of web presentation - the science of retention, research on what people find "aesthetically pleasing" and much more.  

This effort, and a healthy aversion to conventional thinking, produced Xyvid Pro, a virtual event platform with innovations still not duplicated in the marketplace after more than a decade:

  • Real time presentation layout and composition control from the broadcast end: In essence, direct the attendee experience like a television show.
  • Display your favorite web-based content in-platform: If there's something out there in the world that helps make your case or liven up your program, simply provide its URL and where and how in your event you'd like to position it. Then reveal it to your audience at just the right time. Your PowerPoint shouldn't be your only source of compelling content. Greater content and display variety heightens intrigue.

Shortly after building the first version of Xyvid Pro, we knew we had something special when attendees, in programs where it had replaced other technology, were submitting unsolicited praise in program chat:

"I like the new format. It is more engaging and interesting."
"I am very impressed by the new format. It was very professional and enhanced the learning experience."
"The new format of the quarterly webcast is fresh and more interactive"
"I really enjoy the format more than the old format of these webcasts.  I don't know what the psychology behind it is, but I find it easier to focus on the topics."
"Well Done....Found the new format to be engaging...."
"like the new system, very polished"
"I really like the quality and (live) production value of the new delivery platform. Kudos on this innovation!"  

This praise wasn't vague. It spoke very specifically to our thesis - better presentations improve communication, help people learn and place brands in a better light.  

Over the years, Xyvid Pro has matured into a secure, enterprise level, cloud based, web presentation platform with the global reach and scalability to power the largest of events (50K+ attendees).  

But software isn't enough. It's important. In the end, though, human beings craft the virtual event experience. So Xyvid has, in the years since the launch of Xyvid Pro, carefully grown a talented staff that understands and believes in what we are doing. When they help design, plan and produce your virtual events, they bring creative energy and input informed by our deep roots in the live event industry. But they bring something even more important than that - a critical awareness that every time you broadcast, your brand is on display, and that your brand is your most valuable business asset.

Today Xyvid is growing and bringing its creative and innovative web broadcasting approach to Global 2,000 companies who want more than a talking head with some PowerPoint slides. Our value proposition to these companies is simple - you bring something important to say and say it well. We'll make sure you present beautifully.  

Xyvid & V-cube

In June of 2021 Xyvid was purchased by V-cube Inc, the leading provider of SaaS based visual communications platform for web conferencing and web broadcasting in Japan, with over $100M in annual revenue and 500 employees.    

Naoki Mashita founded V-cube in 1998 right after graduating University. The company started as a development firm building Web Sites and Mobile Applications.  In 2000, the company developed web-conferencing services. In 2013 the company went public on the Nikkei. Headquartered in Tokyo, V-cube is the leading provider of Zoom to Japan, has a global presence, and a diversified product portfolio.  

Xyvid is proud to be a V-cube company and can now leverage V-cube's immense talents and resources all over the world.

Core Values

Our Foundation for Success

We are family

We practice respect, support, compassion and caring for one another

Work hard

Give extra time, make sacrifices and do what it takes to accomplish company goals

Practice innovation

We innovate, reinvent and always make things better within the company

Take responsibility

We aid those less fortunate than us

Roll the dice

Take risks with applied intelligence

Speak your mind

Be heard and understood with the intention of making the company better

Have a blast

Enjoy the people around you and the job that you do

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