Continuing Professional Education

Continuous learning is not only the foundation of professional upskilling, but also critical for connecting as humans and collectively advancing our society.

When you partner with XYVID to create your virtual education experience, we make it our mission to build trust with you as a partner and with your learners by ensuring your content, materials and brand are front and center.

We do this through an intuitive, flexible, and engaging end-to-end solution. We handle everything along the learning path, from registration through certification. We work closely with qualified agencies to ensure that current accreditation standards and your specific professional objectives are met, allowing you and your participants to focus on content, without complications.

Key differentiators:

  • XYVID creates live, simulated-live, and on-demand course formats, so you can offer multiple ways for your learners to earn credit.
  • Customized options for integration of registration and completion data with your CRM or LMS are available.
  • Dynamic screen movement, varied placement of engagement tools, and audio notifications when polls appear on-screen are some of the ways that we encourage participant interactivity.
  • Learner qualifying metrics are tracked automatically. If requirements are met, the learner can download their certificate of completion immediately, right from the platform.
  • Certifying and downloading certificates for group participants is a brief and simple process managed by the group leader post-event.
  • Copies of certificates for past events are always available for download, by logging into the archived presentation and clicking on the ‘CPE’ icon.
  • XYVID reviews and maintains credit records and provides access to on-demand reporting for all active courses.
  • The average for continuing education events is around 3,000 attendees, but XYVID can host over 50,000 simultaneously without degradation of service.

Below are real comments from webcast participants, after attending a XYVID Pro Continuing Education broadcast for the first time:

“New format is impressive.”
“Excellent presentation and visuals - enjoyed the new format.”
“I can't say enough positive things about the new learning platform. The ability to check your status throughout the webinar is so convenient.”
“I appreciate the technology used in this session. Wow. Impressive technology and coordination.”
“I like the new format.  It is more engaging and interesting.”
“I appreciate the technology used in this session. Wow. Impressive technology and coordination.”
“Love the new format!  Faster paced and much more engaging.”
“Great new format. I enjoy the enhanced credit tracking.”
“The platform performed exceptionally, no loss of sound or picture at any time during the webcast.”
“Very much liked the new platform - webcast was very well produced.”