Xyvid's background in live-event and video production lends to our unique perspective on web broadcasting.  Xyvid Pro works with all current browsers and devices. Our cloud-based platform scales beautifully for audiences of any size.

Presenters can be brought in from anywhere and displayed in single or multi-presenter templates.  The entire attendee experience is brandable including registration, email communications, player design, and the engagement tools. Check out the rest of our services to see why companies trust Xyvid when their message matters.


Audience Engagement

Presenting better means showcasing your content through the most effective means possible.  Shake off virtual fatigue and eliminate ‘death-by-powerpoint’ with our passive tools including dynamic screen movement, speaker bios, tickers, video playback, social media, websites, custom html-based panels, and additional content available for download.

Playing an active role in the learning process significantly increases retention.  Get your audience hands-on with your content by using one of our active tools like polling, wordcloud, or quiz.  But your options are not limited to Xyvid’s native tools, we also integrate with your favorite third-party app. Products like deadsimplechat, snapbar, or sketchfab help provide an immersive experience, even during intermissions.


Remote Technical Support

Because it’s not ‘if’, it’s ‘when’… Xyvid’s staff is ready to diagnose and resolve your attendee and presenter tech issues before and during your event. From audio problems, to VPNs, to full blown internet outages we have seen it all.

In addition to technical support, our production staff conduct tech checks with your presenters before the day of your event to make sure their device and location is up for the task.



We built a broadcasting platform with production value in mind.  Partnering with our network of affiliate studios brings quality broadcasts to your talent’s location, minimizing travel and time commitments.

Partial and fully remote productions are enhanced with Xyvid’s Virtual Studio package.  We tailor dynamic scenes according to your presentation flow and aligned to your branding. We seamlessly integrate talent webcam feeds, pre-recorded content, custom graphic overlays, speaker panels, and more, to create our signature, TV-like production.

We are also very familiar with asynchronous production workflows. Our production staff can pre-record some or all of your program. Pre-recorded content is helpful for a variety of reasons including talent availability or legal compliance.


Event Logistics & Planning

The Xyvid Client Experience team is made up of senior Client Services Managers and our full-time dedicated Production staff. Our backgrounds include decades of live and virtual event planning, analytics, and project management experience.  This collective knowledge, combined with understanding of your unique objectives and pain points, allows our team to provide thoughtful solutions and create outstanding results.


Hybird Event Production

For over a decade, clients have leveraged Xyvid's unique live and virtual event experience to create memorable experiences for your entire audience, no matter how they attend.  Xyvid Connect is our proprietary audience response system, which allows live and virtual attendees to participate in polls, quizzes, wordclouds, and Q&A together in real time.  Most importantly, all responses are combined into a comprehensive report to analyze post-event.

Our talented Client Experience staff is there to help you every step of the way. Not only will we manage the web broadcast, but we can support your on-site Production team on everything from a camera rental to running the entire event.


Creative Services

We believe that humanity progresses through effective communication, and beautiful, well-executed presentations ensure that your message resonates.   Building brand equity is vital to your business, and Xyvid Creative Services can help you visualize your concept.  We partner with your team from the first call and deliver unique attendee experiences tying together the login page, web player, and engagement tools into a flowing, cohesive design.