Dave Kovalcik

US Director, V-Cube, Inc. | Co-Founder XYVID

About Dave Kovalcik

Dave Kovalcik is a serial entrepreneur, a passion that began as a teenager when he and his three brothers built a computer retail business that became one of Appleā€™s first - and highest-producing - retail dealers. Fast forward to 2009, with two successful live event companies already in his portfolio, Xyvid was born to address the shift to virtual; but XYVID was different.

In collaboration with co-founder Tim Patsch, Dave and Tim created a web broadcasting solution that delivered all the convenience of a virtual event but retained the energy, engagement, and feedback of a live event.

Today, Dave serves as the US Director for V-Cube, Inc., and CEO of Dyventive, and PharMethod, his live events businesses.

Dave enjoys golf, fast cars, and traveling in his free time.