Healthcare & Pharma

Xyvid is proud to support our life sciences partners as they develop innovative methods to improve patient outcomes. We know that webcasts are a valuable tool for sharing market intelligence, presenting clinical research findings, and educating healthcare professionals. Selecting the right platform, with features specific to your unique space, is critical.

Registration assets and player design are tailored to your branding, educational objectives and compliance needs. We can feature or hide product or company logos, display scrolling ISI text, launch 3D demo and MOA (Mechanism of Action) videos, and make relevant materials available for your audience. Links and screenshots of your custom design are ready for regulatory review within one week.  

Xyvid Pro securely hosts audiences up to 50,000 across the globe, broadening the reach of your HCP initiatives and internal company events. Automatic tracking and reporting for engagement tools are reliable ways to capture feedback from your audience for all event type formats, including Advisory Boards, Product Theatres, Symposia, Speaker Trainings and Peer-to-Peer promotional education and national sales meetings. We can also permit or restrict registration by email domain, pre-approved attendee list, and/or unique pin code, so you’ll never have to worry about proprietary information being shared outside if your target audience.



There is an art to the Product launch and a simple streamed conference does not always cut it. We at Xyvid understand the importance of highlighting innovation in all its forms. Which is why when innovation in your field meets innovation of the latest broadcast platform, Xyvid Pro, your event stake on new heights. Our platform allows for maximum flexibility and customization so we can meet your unique branding style and highlight the latest and greatest. We can coordinate directly with your development team to integrate elements of your technology into the platform itself. Implementing polls, gamification, or 3D modeling adds showmanship and allows your company to directly engage with your audience and see exactly how they respond to the product in real time. This level of customization and partnership allows you to have more control over your events or trainings and share your product with ease. Build confidence in your product and brand with a premium broadcast experience for your customers and investors.



We appreciate the importance of not only being up to date with the financial market, but also communicating those updates and trends to your employees, customers, shareholders, and partners. We collaborate directly with your team to create customized and secure live, simulated-live, and on-demand events. We also provide customized options for integration of registration and completion data with your CRM or LMS systems so your audience can have easy access within your organization.

Xyvid also partners with approved compliance vendors to develop CPE courses for your institution. We handle everything along the learning path, from registration through certification and work closely with qualified agencies to ensure that current accreditation standards and your specific professional objectives are met. Learner qualifying metrics are tracked automatically so a learner can see their progress in real time and download their certificate of completion immediately, right from the platform. Xyvid also reviews and maintains credit records and provides access to on-demand reporting for all active courses. Our Client Experience team provides consistent support from beginning to end of developing your virtual education experience to ensure confidence in your events and organization.



The name of the game for any event in Entertainment is engagement. With our innovative broadcasting technology, Xyvid can bring the engagement and energy of an in-person event to a much larger online audience. Whether you are looking to supplement your town halls, marketing conferences, or press releases, or looking to move into events online, our platform can maximize your outreach and garner larger attention. We can host up to 50,000 attendees simultaneously without degradation of service and customize registration and our platform to highlight your brand.

Dynamic screen movement, interactive polls, and scrolling tickers on-screen are only some of the ways that we encourage participant interactivity and keep people engaged. We can also gamify engagements with a scoreboard to get people excited to participate and potentially compete to win prizes. We can even integrate third party engagement tools directly into our platform so you can design your dream event. Through our Creative Services, the sky is the limit! You can also track audience engagement and receive reports on exactly how people respond to your media. Our reporting tools take the guessing game out of your events and help you develop and refine your marketing strategy. Xyvid collaborates directly with your team to craft events that will capture your audience and give them something to talk about for weeks afterwards.



No matter what marvel of engineering you have developed, how you share it with the world matters. At Xyvid, we have the tools and expertise to present your product in a way that is unforgettable. We collaborate with your team to develop broadcasts that can enhance or replace your current product exhibitions and conferences. We can host up to 50,000 attendees simultaneously without degradation of service and embody your brand by customizing the registration and platform. Our technology also allows us to share a 3D rendering of your product which people can interact with during a broadcast. We can share all the best parts of your product with a larger audience than you can fit into a conference hall.

Another area where we can support your business is by creating an on-demand virtual education experience for your employees and customers. If you are looking for ways to share training videos for your product or manufacturing process, we can develop that educational program with you and track students' progress in real time. We handle everything along the learning path, from registration through certification and provide reporting along the way. We also work directly with qualified agencies to ensure that current accreditation standards and your specific professional objectives are met. At Xyvid, we take care of everything so you and your participants can focus on content, without complications.